Notizie dal DPL

Sembra essere diventata una (ottima) abitudine, oltre al DPN (n.d.r. in uscita per oggi) il resoconto del lavoro del Debian Project Leader, Stefano Zacchiroli. Nella mail inviata alle liste debian notifica:

  • Partecipazioni a conferenze
  • Rilascio interviste, di cui una ad un blogger debianizzato (a voi il piacere di scoprirlo)
  • Meetings
  • Organizzazione di un "tavolo comune" con tutte le Debian derivate
  • Nuovo assetto organizzativo del progetto Debian
  • Certificazione per i DD
  • Linee guida per le sponsorizzazioni
  • Newbies alla prossima DebConf
  • Invito agli artisti grafici a proporre "il vestito" per l'imminente Squeeze
  • ..ed altro

Hello world, here is another update on the whereabouts of the DPL.


I've attended LinuxTag and delivered a talk at the wonderful mini
DebConf organized there. Slides of my talk are available [1], as well as
a nice article about it on LWN [2] and another one on the German Linux
Magazin [3].

[2] (en, already unembargoed)
[3] (de)

Upon request, I've been releasing some more interviews:

- for the Italian Linux Magazine [4], paper version only (it)
- another (quite funny) one to an Italian blogger [5] (it)
- @LinuxTag: a video interview for the German Linux Magazin [6] (en)
- @LinuxTag: an audio interview for TuxRadio [7] (en)



On behalf of Debian, I've attended a few interesting meetings in the
past month:
- an European Commission meeting on how EU-funded research projects can
better interact with FLOSS communities [8]
- a meeting with EDF [9] which is heavily using Debian for scientific
computing [10]
- a meeting with French "Gendarmerie" [11] that wanted to present their
experiences in choosing Debian and derivatives within the French
public administration



In response to my call for help, several people volunteered to form a
Derivatives Front Desk, which is now up and running [12,13,14].


A proper announcement for all derivatives to join the list is being
prepared on -publicity; in the mean time you might want to advertise the
<> contact point and/or the mailing list to fellow
developers of derivative distribution. You are also welcome to join the
mailing list if you would like to help derivatives in contributing back
their work to Debian.


The Debian auditor has posted the first report on the Debian cash flow
for 2010 [21]. While the form of the reports is still in flux and might
change in the future, we expect the reports to stay and ease the access
to the information on how Debian uses the money coming from donations.

Given that Debian money are held by several organizations around the
world, the reports can only be as complete as the organizations report
to the auditor. If you are a member of one such organization you can
help Debian in being more transparent by asking you organization to
provide timely and accurate information to the auditor [22].



DD certification

As introduced by the former DPL, it is now possible for Debian
Developers to get a certificate of their DD status. Check the info [15]
on how to get one if you need it for your work or the like.


-private declassification

I've called for help [17] to implement the GR [18] on the
declassification of debian-private@lists.d.o archives. The responses to
that have been insufficient to form a team thus far [19] so for the
moment we've just documented the status quo on the vote page and in the
wiki [20]. In response of last discussions on the topic, I've got some
more volunteers and the situation might evolve soon.


Meeting Sponsoring Guidelines

I've been replying to various requests of sponsoring to attend and/or
organize Debian-related meetings (conferences, BSPs, sprints, etc.).  I
welcome all such initiatives and encourage all developers to organize
similar events. Still, when Debian money is used, transparency and
communications are mandatory. After repeating myself inquiry after
inquiry, I've posted an RFC [23] in view of some forthcoming "Debian
Meeting Sponsoring Guidelines".


DebConf Newbies

The DebConf Newbies initiative has come to a conclusion disclosing [24]
the names of the "newbies" which will join most of us at DebConf10.
Sponsors are still needed to secure travel sponsoring for several others
fellow developers which want to attend the conference. We can all help
by asking our companies or any other Debian-friendly company if they
would like to become sponsors, or simply by encouraging donations to


wiki.d.o/Teams Redux

Documenting Debian is one of the best way of making our project a more
welcoming place. That is why I've been reminding [25] of the Teams page
on the wiki and prodding various people to add an entry there. While I
was at it, I've started amassing some DPL-related resources at [26]. As
it is a wiki, everyone can help!


Debian Squeeze Artwork Contest

In view of the forthcoming Debian Squeeze release, I've advertised [27]
a very nice initiative by Valessio Brito: the Debian Squeeze Artwork
Contest [28], in which any Debian enthusiast skilled in graphic arts can
contribute a graphical theme for Squeeze. You can join the contest or
just advertise it to the right™ people.


That's all, folks.

PS for more boring but day-to-day DPL activity info there's
from-the-DPL.txt (and its rotated friends)


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