Ries.Debian.Org is back

La macchina di cui si è parlato poco tempo fa è tornata a funzionare alla perfezione :)


following my last mail on this topic[1] I now have good news for you:
ries.debian.org AKA ftp-master.debian.org AKA "the main copy of the
archive" AKA (lots of) "OH GOD, i can't live without uploading
packages/getting updates" is back up. :)

Now, while I am writing the status mails - about all of the work has been
done by Ryan Murray and Anthony Towns, so I want to thank them for the
time and energy they put into this.

Uploads are possible again, packages get processed as usual, and after
an initial database build of an internal tool our mirror pushes will also
resume to normality.

In case you did upload a package (completly NEW or just new version)
shortly before ries went on vacation - it *may* be lost now. Please
reupload the package if you can't find it in the next mirror
pulse. (Worst case you get a rejection that this version already
exists). And packages accepted from NEW right before it went down will
require another NEW processing, but I will make that a short stay in

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2007/11/msg00001.html